Land of Sun, Sea and Sand

Antigua & Barbuda is an independent, twin-island Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean that has long been an inviting port of call for sophisticated travellers from around the world. With its relaxed charm, 365 white-sand beaches with crystal-clear azure waters and luxury yachts, the lush tropical island nation and its culture is a unique paradise, considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The year-round tropical climate attracts visitors from around the globe. Together with the warm and welcoming local population of about 96,286, this makes Antigua and Barbuda a very comfortable place to visit and live. With daily direct flights from North America and Europe, making it easily accessible from all corners of the globe.


Rich in History

The island’s plentiful marine life and year-round favorable climate make the country’s culinary experiences as delicious as they are diverse, and with an endless variety of outdoor activities, the Antiguan lifestyle is a healthy one. It’s no surprise that many international celebrities and politicians choose this 108 sq. mile paradise as their home away from home.

While truly a world-class destination, Antigua and Barbuda is also a nation steeped in history, dating back hundreds of years. For more than two centuries, Antigua was the major British naval base in the Caribbean, due to its extensive winding coastline and large natural harbours. Today, the nation is an independent member state of the British Commonwealth. Antigua and Barbuda is also a member of the United Nations, Caricom and the Organization of American States, as well as many other international organizations. The nation’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD), pegged to the US$ at a rate of EC$2.7 to US$1.